What do I need to do before you arrive to clean my house?

We recommend you pick up any major toys, obstructions so the maids at Maid Just 4 U can do the most efficient, thorough cleaning job they can. We also ask that you find a place for your pets stay outside of the rooms that we will be providing cleaning service for.

Do I need to supply you with cleaning equipment or cleaning supplies?

No, when Maid Just 4 U does residential cleaning, we use our own quality supplies and products. We only use the best cleaning products to make sure your home looks it's finest when we are done!

How often can you provide residential cleaning services?

Your home can be cleaned as little or as often as your want. Think about your specific needs, and goals for your home, and call a professional at Maid Just 4 U to figure our what cleaning schedule will be best. Whether you sign up for a long-term plan, or just need to deep clean your home at the start of a new season, we will help figure out the best cleaning plan for you.

How often do you recommend residential cleaning services?

If you are looking to keep your home in tip top shape, we would recommend committing to biweekly cleans. We also provide deep cleans outside of just regularly scheduled cleans. We recommend doing a deep clean once per season, as well as before and after moving.

Do I have to be home when my house is being cleaned?

That is totally up to you. You do not have to be home while we are providing cleaning service, but if you prefer, that isn't a problem. We just ask that if you are not there, you have a way for the professionals at Maid Just 4 U to enter your home!


What types of commercial buildings do you clean?

Maid Just 4 U provides commercial cleaning services to a wide variety of buildings. This includes:

  • Corporate offices or buildings
  • Doctor’s offices or medical buildings
  • Schools
  • Car Dealerships
  • Banks
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants

If you are unsure about your office or building, call Maid Just 4 U Cleaning Service at (614) 483-5511.

Can you clean up after special events?

Absolutely! Maid Just 4 U Cleaning Services can be used for special event clean up. We provide many commercial cleaning services after work holiday parties, anniversary parties, etc.

Can you help organize my office before or after a move?

Yes, we often provide organizational services to businesses throughout the year as a way to keep everything in it's right place. This organizational service is especially popular before, during, and after an office move.

Do you guarantee your cleaning services?

Yes, Maid Just 4 U will guarantee our residential and commercial cleaning services are top of the line. We always provide information about what cleaning services we will be provided, and if you are unhappy with your services, we can work to find a solution. To hear feedback from our happy customers, click here!

Where do you service?

Maid Just 4 U Cleaning Services provides commercial and residential cleaning services, organizational services, and deep cleaning services to Gove City, Bexley, Columbus and surrounding Ohio areas.